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You Need A Clear Direction, A ‘What’ To Work On…

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Here’s an example of a full Swing Analysis I just did for another golfer:

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How does the Swing Analysis work?

    1. You upload your video following our instructions (so simple my 60+ yr-old clients do it with ease)

    2. We break it down and send you a detailed video analysis along with drills, practice schedules, and specific ‘feels’ to fix the most obvious flaws in your swing...

Why does this work so well?

Simply put, through the power of video...


With a traditional in-person analysis, I’d have to stop you mid-swing and try to explain to you what you’re doing wrong. With video, I can SHOW YOU IN REAL TIME.

You see exactly where your swing is breaking down, and I can show you examples of the correct swing positions simultaneously…

I’ve seen and analyzed thousands of swings with the same problems and know exactly how to address them and get you feeling the proper positions.

So How Is This RISK FREE!?

Because for A Limited Time, You Can Actually Get Your Personalized Swing Analysis for FREE though your 14-Day Trial to the Cogorno Golf Premium Membership


When your 14-Free Trial Expires, membership is just $89/mo, but this is true no-obligation 14-Day Free Trial:

If at any point within the first 14-days you aren’t happy with your Swing Analysis and 100% convinced this is the single best way to improve your game, send us an email.

We’ll cancel your subscription, no questions asked - and we’ll part as friends.

And you get your Personalized Swing Analysis from me for FREE! 

If you decide to continue, do nothing and you’ll be billed the $89 monthly fee to continue enjoying access to all the support and coaching we’re giving you... 

So you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose except strokes off your game.

PLUS, if you decide to stay a member after your 14-Day Free Trial is up…you’ll be locked in at the low $89/mo price for as long as you remain a member in good standing…

No matter how many times we raise the price.

But this offer is only available for a VERY limited time.

See, I’m on a mission to make world-class golf instruction available to everyone and – through the process – create the biggest and best online golf school in the world.

However, because of the hands-on nature of the Personalized Swing Analysis and coaching there are only so many new members we can take on at any one time.

This is a one-time deal, and it won’t come around again.

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14 Days Free, then just $89/month


Includes FREE Swing Analysis! Cancel Anytime…

You deserve a better game. More fun. Lower scores. 

You can either keep riding the rollercoaster of great shots one day and humiliating shots the next…

Or you can get your top practice priorities solved and start consistently shooting lower scores as soon as your next round.

We have the goods.

Solutions to your problems.

Proven ways to fix your swing and play way better golf starting TODAY. 

We can even do it all in secret so your buddies won’t know what hit them when you go out and whip their butts 🙂

To Your Success,

Eric Cogorno


P.S.  I know we talked all about the Free Personalized Swing Analysis, but here’s the host of other training, benefits and support you’ll get absolutely FREE for 14-Days when you sign up today...

Here’s Everything You’re Getting If You Start Your Free Trial Today To The Cogorno Golf Premium Membership

  1. Personalized Swing Analysis Video From Eric [FREE]

    The First One is on us! And if you decide to stay a member after the 14-Day Trial for just $89/mo (cancel anytime), you’ll continue to get personalized monthly coaching from me and my coaching team showing you what to work on - including practice plans & drills to take your game to the next level.

    This allows you to implement the changes seamlessly, and improve quickly… All while becoming a threat to anyone you play against. 

  2. On-staff Club Fitting Expert to handle your equipment questions

    Sometimes we’re good at what we do but have the wrong equipment for our style of golf.

    Having a Club Fitting Expert allows you to know exactly which clubs and grips are the best for you to get the most out of your golf game.

  3. Live Monthly Seminars and Q+A with me and the other coaches

    The perfect place to ask your most pressing questions, get live feedback on what you can do to improve your golf game, including sessions around mindset.

  4. Access to me and my coaches to support you through your journey and to have your questions answered daily.

    Sometimes you just want to know if you have the form correct or if your grip is in the right place. 

    My team and I are dedicated to helping you find the answers you need to be a better golfer.

  5. Access to the Cogorno Golf Community via our Private Facebook Group

    For DAILY support, encouragement and to benefit from others golfers’ experience.

    The CGA is perfect for any golfer who wants to lower their handicap, whether you want to break 100, 90, 80…even 70!

    As a member, you get all the tools, training, and DAILY support you want to take control of your game.

    And maybe the best part of all…

    Being a member also gives you access to an incredible library of Golf Masterclasses, Training Videos and Courses that have never been seen outside of my private classes OR the Membership.

Members Can Access My Entire Catalog Of Master Classes
PLUS More Than 200 Videos And 90 Courses
Not Available Anywhere Else!

Members Can Access My Entire Catalog Of Master Classes
PLUS More Than 200 Videos
And 90 Courses
Not Available Anywhere Else!


 Covering any flaw you could possibly want to fix…

These high-performance secrets are must-see TV for any serious golfer.

And you can get access to them ALL for FREE for 14-Days, and then just $89/mo after that if you wish to continue. The depth of training content inside this member’s library is well worth the price of admission! 

It’s all included in your 14-Day Free Trial of the Cogorno Golf Academy. 

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14 Days Free, then just $89/month


Includes FREE Swing Analysis! Cancel Anytime…

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