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Discover The Power and Addictive Pleasure of Knowing How To Compress Your Golf Shots!

Hit breathtaking flush shots that fly off your club with sizzle, straight-as-a-ruler and on-target like a precision sniper, using this little-talked-about secret of the world’s best golfers…

Dear Golfer,

If you’d like to hit explosive shots that practically hiss off your clubface, b-line it to their target, and eat up a ton of yards on those big par 4’s and par 5’s…

No matter how fast you swing the club now…

Then you’ll want to read every word of the letter below…

My name’s Eric Cogorno.

A high-performance golf coach for over 20 years, I’ve been featured on Forbes and was voted Golf Digest’s Best In State Teacher.

I own one of the largest golf instructional channels with over 200,000 followers on YouTube for one simple reason…I show golfers how to get on-course results, fast.

More on that in a moment, first…


If You’ve Ever Watched Your Club’s Resident Pro…

You may have wondered how it is that his iron shots don’t just soar…

They whistle off the clubface like they were fired out of a catapult! 

It’s not for the reason you think…

Sure, he’s probably got a practiced swing, and he nails the sweet spot with tons of club head speed…

But he also delivers the clubface to the ball with a certain amount of loft, and a downward angle of attack.

“Hitting Down” Is What Creates That Wonderful, Gratifying Feeling of Flush Contact.

“Hitting Down” Is What Creates That Wonderful, Gratifying Feeling
of Flush Contact.

If you’re not achieving that feeling with consistency…

If you ever find yourself hitting…

  • Fat shots
  • Thin shots
  • Hooks
  • Slices
  • Wild shots that make your buddies laugh or groan (And make you embarrassed!)

You’re probably not getting solid contact at that all-important descending angle.

Bottom line:

If You Want To Take Your
Game To The Next Level...

Knowing How To “Compress” Your Shots Is The Secret!


Compression happens when the ball squeezes against the club face at contact, and is propelled forward from its core…

It’s also why ANY golfer can add yards to their drives, fairway, and iron shots, without getting stronger or increasing the speed of their swing — and improve their game faster than with any other method.

Watch this short clip to learn more about what compression is and why it’s CRITICAL to achieving maximum power…

So now the big question now is how do you train compression and maximize it in your own swing? 

Well, I recently put together a special instructional video series for golfers of all levels I call my…

Compression Masterclass

Masterclass-Mockup (1)

Start Compressing Your Golf Shots


In this series of short videos, I show you a step-by-step program, including specific corrections and drills you can use to hit the ball solid on a more consistent basis, as soon as your next visit to the range or the golf course.

Included in the program is your 30-Day Practice Plan.

While the principles are so simple they can be added into your game with just a practice or two, the day-to-day, rep-to-rep practice plan ensures any golfer will continue to see steady improvement in the coming weeks and months.

We focus mainly on compressing your irons, but cover all shots; wedges, hybrids, fairway woods --- even drivers.

When you know the explosive and thrilling science of compression, the payoff will be unmistakable

Tighter approaches…

Shorter birdie putts…

And heck of a lot more fun on the course.

You don’t need any special equipment…you don’t need to be a “freak athlete” or have your swing down to a “T”…and all it takes is 10-20 minutes a day!

Truly, anyone can acquire this “magical” skill.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how you can…

Uncover These Amazing Ball-Striking Secrets at Absolutely NO RISK
Even Free, If You Choose!

But first, to help you decide if you want “in”, here are some “coming attractions” of what you’ll discover in the Compression Masterclass:

  • Why every golfer should know about “dynamic loft” (And how to use this understanding to add yards to your drives, fairway woods, and short irons)
  • Setup tricks for satisfying flush shots that find more fairways and greens (Ball placement, handle location, grip…we cover all of that and more!)
  • How to confidently hit the ball where you want it go (Little talked-about follow-through secrets that will give you the edge by your next trip to the course)
  • The vital importance of a “shallow approach angle” (Use the backswing, downswing, and follow through secrets I reveal in the video and the ball will come off your club like it’s powered by rocket fuel!)
  • Examples of “feels” you can use to tighten your shots from anywhere on the course (I’ll give you several options, but all it takes is for one of them to “click”)
  • Why the club face is king of the hill when it comes to ball striking (And why most golfers line up the club face wrong…you’ll know how to correct it with a few simple tweaks)
  • Exactly what to do with your arms, hands, and body during the setup, the backswing, and the follow through (This will demystify for you what makes a great swing! I guarantee you’ve never seen such an easy-to-follow breakdown)
  • Why frequency of practice is more important than duration (Discover the best way to get your reps in for maximum results in the shortest time possible)
  • The “towel drill” that forces you to hit down on the ball, leading to more explosive drives (Like having your own swing coach…without the price tag!)
  • Differences between fairway woods, hybrids, and drivers (Knowing these allows you to practice a single skill you can then take and apply to every club in your bag)
  • Distance control: exactly what to do from 30-50 yards out, and from 50-120 yards out (Having a system allows you to play more consistently, and gives you backup options for any off-days — avoid those humiliatingly high scores!)
  • Your complete 30-day practice plan (How to find the “feels” you need to transfer out onto the golf course)
  • The #1 backswing secret to hit more explosively without adding club speed (Get this right and your golf buddies won’t know what hit them!)
  • And much, much more!

That’s just a taste of what you’re getting in the Compression Masterclass.

These are proprietary secrets I normally reserve exclusively for members of Cogorno Golf, and you won’t find them anywhere else – not even on my YouTube channel.

Every aspect of the program is designed to make it faster and easier for you to hit the ball with more power and precision, and get a lot more out of every trip to the range, or the golf course.

If you have buddies who usually beat you, they’ll wonder why you’re whipping their butts out of nowhere. 🙂

So, What’s The Investment?

The Compression Masterclass retails for $197.

But if I hear from you today, you can get instant access for just $197 $47.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what my private clients have paid for the same instruction and techniques.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing you have ZERO RISK thanks to…

My 365-Day “No Questions Asked”
Money-Back Guarantee!

My 365-Day “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee!

Here’s how it works…

Go through the videos at your own pace, and implement the practice plans…

If at any point IN THE NEXT YEAR you don’t think this is some of the best golf instruction you’ve ever seen…if you aren’t almost immediately hitting tighter, longer shots with better accuracy…if within a few weeks you aren’t the talk of the clubhouse with people coming to you for advice…

Simply send us an email at [EMAIL ADDRESS] and we’ll promptly refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.

No backpedaling, and no trying to talk you out of it, either…

You either love the Compression Masterclass or you don’t pay!

In this way, you can even learn these advanced golf secrets for free, if that’s what you choose to do.

So you can see…

You Have Nothing to Lose
Except Strokes Off Your Handicap.

But you must act fast…

This is a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER and will only be available for a very limited time.

Soon the price will be going up --- maybe even by tonight!

So if you want “in” at the lowest possible price, click the button below right now:

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Retail: $197

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You’ll be taken to an order form…

Once you fill in your information (which only takes a moment) you’ll be instantly sent your login info via email.

All of which means you could be viewing these game-changing golf techniques minutes from now…and striking the ball better as soon as your next round.

Look, you can keep going the way you have; great shots one day, humiliating shots the next…

Spending time on the practice range without much to show for it…

Or, you can get your hands on some of the most powerful golf instruction on the web, and experience the magic of compressed shots for yourself!

-Eric Cogorno


P.S. If you order today, I’ll also send you the following FAST-ACTION BONUSES:

[Fast Action Bonus #1]

Ultimate Full Swing Range Practice Plan
($197 Value)


This program is designed to give you a specific full swing practice plan based on 80 balls divided into 4 parts.

But don’t let its simplicity fool you — this practice plan is proven to be extremely effective, and will work for ANY golfer, regardless of where you’re starting from now.

It’s also meant to be the last practice plan you’ll ever need, and will continue to work for you years into the future.

In this video series, you’ll discover:

  • A simple 15-minute change in the way that you warm up that instantly makes you a more dangerous player around the green
  • A 4-part range practice plan you can use to develop your striking, distance control, and trajectories (Covers warm up, wedges, mechanics, irons, and drivers. This simple routine will become your go-to for improving your game)
  • A “shortcut” to building a short-iron system that lets you execute shots on demand (Simply put, one of the fastest ways to level up your game)
  • The correct way to use video for feedback (Do this and you’ll instantly know what adjustments to make so you can translate them to the course)
  • Superior direction control in 3 easy steps (Avoid those wild misses or embarrassing shots!)
  • Advanced techniques for developing distance control, trajectory, and curves (Perfect for getting out of difficult lies, sand traps, and other hazards)
  • The secret of “course-like” practice (The more you struggle bringing your range game to the course, the more I recommend this!)
  • And much, much more!

The Full Swing Range Practice Plan has a $197 value, and is available exclusively to Cogorno Golf members.

But if you order the Compression Masterclass today…

I’ll send it to you FREE!

[Fast Action Bonus #2]

The Wedge and Short Iron Masterclass
($147 Value)


This 16-part video series is all about getting the ball closer to the hole from 30-150 yards. It’ll show you how to have consistently solid contact, build a distance-control system, and control the trajectories of your wedges and short irons.

You’ll discover:

  • Two simple steps to advanced distance control (Discover how to hit the ball closer to the hole every time — no guesswork)
  • 4 keys to a short-iron setup that lets you strike the ball with accuracy (Do you sometimes struggle to get on green? These subtle tweaks will make all the difference)
  • How to start building a wedge system that takes your wedge game to the next level (All it takes is a couple of practice sessions and you’ll reap the rewards as soon as your next round!)
  • 3 reasons why you should master the ability to hit high or low (When you know how to control your trajectory, it opens doors in your game you’ve probably never considered)
  • 3 ways your setup must change as you get farther from the hole (Use this simple pre-shot checklist to boost your number of greens hit in regulation)
  • The #1 key to wedge and short iron mastery (Do this, and you’ll quickly become a short game beast!)
  • And much more!

The Wedge And Short Iron Masterclass has a value of $147, but it’s yours FREE with your order today.

[Fast Action Bonus #3]

The Fairway Wood andHybrid Masterclass
($147 Value)


Approach shots can have a huge impact on your overall score.

In this comprehensive 24-video series covering both mechanics and on-course strategies, I’ll help you master those ever-challenging second shots.

Includes secrets such as…

  • Common approach shot misconceptions and mistakes (How to use your second shot on hit more greens on par 4’s, and make more birdies on par 5’s)
  • Hybrids vs. irons: key differences (You’ll know which club to hit when for the best result every time)
  • Tempo secrets for solid contact that makes the ball leap off the clubface! (Plus, the top 3 biggest things to look at if you’re struggling with contact)
  • How to use a driving range bucket to fix a common backswing flaw (Also, how to use an ordinary clothes hanger to develop near perfect club face control!)
  • Real-world, practical insights for how to hit a hybrid off the tee (Or out of the rough, or a bunker)
  • What to do in the case of uphill lies, downhill lies, tight lies, and when the ball is above or below your feet (Don’t let these dumbfound you! You’ll know how to make hole-saving shots from even the most awkward of lies)
  • And much, much more!

The Fairway Wood & Hybrid Masterclass has a value of $147, but if you order TODAY, I’ll include it FREE.

Combined, these masterclasses will give you all the tools, techniques, and strategies you need to hit the ball better starting today…

They’ll simplify your practice routines so don’t waste time on things that aren’t working…

And they’ll make every aspect of your game easier and more fun.

Together with the Compression Masterclass, you’ll be getting $688 in rare and valuable golf instruction for just $47.

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Here’s Everything Your Getting When You Order Today:

  • The Compression Masterclass ($197 Value)
  • Ultimate Full Swing Range Practice Plan ($197 Value)
  • The Wedge and Short Iron Masterclass ($147 Value)
  • The Fairway Wood and Hybrid Masterclass ($147 Value)

Total Value: $688

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